Everybody is John

A competitive roleplaying game for three or more imaginative people.

John is a totally insane man in Minneapolis, New York, Arkham, Smilesville, or wherever today's train wreck is set. He is controlled by the Voices in his head -- one at a time.

John is not terribly competent: he has difficulty with a lot of things that you and I might take for granted. Whenever John attempts anything that an ordinary person might have any chance of failure at, he needs to roll for success.

The Voice who is currently in control of John does the rolling. If that Voice has a skill that covers the challenge, the Voice needs to roll a 3 or higher on the single d6. If it doesn't have a skill, it needs to roll a 6. However, before the roll, the Voice can spend any number of willpower points to get a +1 per point spent on the die roll. This can make success automatic.

Become the active Voice is a bit of a challenge, though. Whenever John wakes up or gets hurt, a test for control of John happens. Also, whenever the currently active Voice fails a roll or completes its obession, a test for control of John happens.

When a test for control of John occurs, all of the Voices who are interested simultaneously bid one or more willpower points (if you're using tokens for Willpower, it's easiest for everyone to just hold out the tokens in their closed hands, and then, when everyone's ready, reveal the number of tokens). Voices don't have to bid if they don't want to (and you can hold out zero tokens if you want to fake out the other Voices). The highest number of willpower becomes the active Voice. If multiple people bid the same highest amount, then they roll off to see who becomes active.

The Voice who becomes active loses the amount of Willpower it bids. All others keep their birds. It's perfectly acceptable for the previously active Voice to win a bid and remain active.

Whenever John wakes up, the struggle for control of John happens before the GM describes the situation John wakes up into.

John is pretty easily distracted. Whenever nothing exciting is happening for ten minutes or more (such as on a bus ride or the like), the GM should roll a die. On a roll of 4 or higher, John goes to sleep and wakes up whenever (prompting a struggle for control of John). Whenever John naps like this, all of the Voices gain one willpower.

The main concept is that every player but one plays a Voice in John's head. All of these Voices are trying to get John to do something that they are "obsessed" with using a their limited resource of "willpower".

When a Voice successfully gets John to do their obsession, they gain points equal to how difficult the obsession is to accomplish. The game is over and the scores are tallied once all the Voices are out of willpower or when John perishes, whichever comes first.

Willpower is a limited resource that the Voice can spend to take control of John or improve its chance of success for any given dice roll.

You start with 10 willpower at the start of the game. You have the option of spending 3 willpower to gain an additional skill before the game starts.

You start with two skills but you can spend three willpower to have a third skill.

Examples: Talking to adults, driving, flying, shooting, eating in axcess, sneaking, lockpicking, performing (dance, sing, instrument), etc.

Your obsession is the goal you want John to perform successfully. If John completes your obsession, you gain points equal to how difficult it was to pull off. One point is given to obsessions that are pretty easy to accomplish, two points for obsessions that are more difficult or risky, and three points for ones that are incredibly difficult to complete.

One Point Examples: yelling in public, eating candy, etc.

Two Point Examples: collecting/throwing baseballs, running a mile in new/stolen shoes, etc.

Three Point Examples: destroying objects, starting a dark ritual, etc.

Player One ↴

Spend 3 willpower for a third skill?

Player Two ↴

Spend 3 willpower for a third skill?

Player Three ↴

Spend 3 willpower for a third skill?

Player Four ↴

Spend 3 willpower for a third skill?

Player Five ↴

Spend 3 willpower for a third skill?

Player Six ↴

Spend 3 willpower for a third skill?